Specialty Equipment

We regularly build and distribute complete systems designed for spraying all types of driveway sealers such as Asphalt Emulsions - Cutback Asphalts - Acrylic Dispersions.

Units for the application of Foundation Damp-proofing materials both heated and conventional are suited to the exact requirements of our clients.

Spray units for the application of Asphalt Tack Coats and Bonding Agents are available with many options such as mountings - heated tanks - spray bars - metered flow indication & control, just to name a few.

High pressure spray systems suited for Roof Coatings & Painting can be quickly assembled by our in-house facilities.

These units can be supplied as Skid Mounted - Trailer Mounted - Custom Truck Mounts - Or other options as our clients may require.

A complete line up of custom sized tanks of various shape configurations & outfitting are readily available.

Custom built heated tanks & pump enclosures as well as conventional or jacketed pumps are standard options.

Spray wands - Guns - Tips & Nozzles - Swivels - Fittings for all applications